Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation provides an opportunity for effective one-to-one communication. To make a successful poster presentation, please be sure to review the following instructions:

1. Presentation Preparation
  • Abstract of poster presentation should be submitted via Online Submission System. Please mark "For poster presentation" in the NOTE box, or email to for confirmation.
  • After acceptance, please design your poster based on the "Poster Template". The recommended poster size is 60cm*160cm or similar.
  • To ensure visual effectiveness of your poster, use large lettering and a minimum of text. Meticulous checking is required in all posters for typographic and grammatical mistakes and image (usage of color) quality.
  • Put your poster up at least 1 hour prior to the start of the poster session.
  • Please make sure your Paper ID (MS****) is clearly shown in the header.
  • All presenters are responsible for removing their posters after presentation time. The Secretariat takes no responsibility for posters after that.
2. Best Poster Presentation Selection
  • Best Poster Presentation will be selected, please ensure your Paper ID (MS****) is shown correctly on the header of your poster.
  • This award consists of free registration to the next MSAM Conference and a certificate signed by Conference Chair. Results will be demonstrated on MSAM official website.
Selection Criteria

  • Research Quality
  • Presentation Skill
  • Design
Selection Procedure
  • 10 judges will be invited by the Conference General Chair to review the posters;
  • 2 red stickers and 2 green stickers will be provided to the judges. The red sticker stands for "Research Quality" with a value of 2 points; the green sticker stands for "Presentation Skill and Design" with a value of 1 point;
  • Each judge will give the stickers to the poster which he/she thinks is high quality or well design and good presentation;
  • The Chair will count the points from each poster and select the best poster(s) with more points. If there is a tie, the one with more red (Research Quality) stickers wins; if there is still a tie, the Chair will make the final decision.