Brief Introduction

Qingdao is a city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China. It is a city specifically designated in the state plan, a megacity, a sub-provincial city, the economic center of Shandong Province, a coastal important central city of China, a coastal city for resort and tourism, an international port city, an important pilot zone for development of modern marine industry of China, an international shipping hub of Northeast Asia, a marine sports base, a main hub in the economic corridor of New Eurasian Land Bridge of "the Belt and Road" and a pivot of marine cooperation strategy.

Qingdao is located on the southeast coast of Shandong Peninsula, in the east of Jiaodong Peninsula and in the frontal zone of China-Japan-South Korea free trade area. It borders on Yellow Sea, facing Korean Peninsula across the sea, adjacent to Yantai in the northeast, connected to Weifang in the west and neighboring Rizhao in the southwest.

Qingdao is the host city of sailing races of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and of the 13th Paralympic Games, known as the Sailing City of China, the Best Sailing City of Asia, the World Beer City, the “Cinema City” of the United Nations, one of the first coastal open-up cities of China, the National Civilized City, one of the Happiest Cities of China. It also won the reputations of the European-style city as “the Oriental Swiss” and “the City of Brands of China”. It is also an international marine scientific research and education center where reside 26 universities. There are diversified exotic-style architectures in Qingdao, so it is called “the Universal Exposition of Architectures”.

The Climate
Qingdao is located in the monsoon region of the North Temperate Zone and belongs to the monsoon climate of medium latitudes. It has moist air, abundant rainfall, moderate temperature and distinct four seasons. The annual temperature of the city is around 15 degrees celsius with the lowest temperature -5 degrees celsius in winter and highest temperature 30 degrees celsius in summer. The annual rainfall of Qingdao is around 900 mm with the around 2,000 sunshine hours and the around 300 days' frost-free period.